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As defined, a motor is a machine that converts mechanical energy into motion. Motors are the essential component in all industrial motion control applications.
When motors fail, and eventually they will, we can help.

We are experienced in the design, manufacture, and repair of most AC and DC motors.

If you suspect a problem with any of your motors give us a call. We will assist in troubleshooting the problem to determine the best way to get your machine back into production.

Motor failures cause situations for your production schedules and deadlines. The focal point of the motion control industry are the motors that power the applications.

Controls Service & Repair provides a large number of options relating to AC and DC servomotors. In addition to building our own, our outstanding repair/manufacturing facility can service and repair many manufacturers products including armature rewinding, tachometer repairs, resolver repairs, field shell and rotor magnetization, etc.

We can also build precise feedback packages for your specific application.

AC Servomotors

AC servo motors have several advantages over the older DC servo motor designs. They are capable of more precise control of the application while consuming less power in most cases. Because of so many configurations, they are more complex to work on and set up. We have the technical data on most manufacturers designs and the test equipment and expertise to repair and set up these motors and their feedback devices.

Single phase and 3 phase reversible motors

Used in applications requiring fast starts, stops, and reverses

Use integral encoders, resolvers, and tachometers

Small but powerful

Usually lowest cost

Extremely reliable

Low maintenance

No brushes

DC Servomotors

DC servo motors are still the true work horses of the servo motor world . Although the designs are older, they are proven to be a good choice for reliable operation. Compared to AC servo motors they do require some additional maintenance for trouble free operation such as replacement of brushes. We can repair or replace any DC servo motor from the smallest one inch frame to the largest permanent magnet motor. We also stock most brushes for your preventative maintenance programs.

Prime movers in numerically controlled machinery

Designed with variable speed operation in mind

Easily understood design

Easy speed control

Physically larger

Higher maintenance

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